Our view on environmental responsibility

Inwido can contribute to reduced environmental impact in several ways: First, we can actively reduce our own impact. We do this by streamlining processes, using renewable raw materials and prioritising wood produced in a sustainable manner. Also, locally based operations help us keep emissions from transports low. Second, we can contribute indirectly by offering consumers energy-efficient windows and doors, so that they, in turn, can reduce their energy consumption, thereby also reducing their environmental impact.

We comply with the legal requirements that apply to us regarding the environmental impact of our operations and carry out regular environmental certifications. With regard to our suppliers, we require that they comply with the environmental legislation and regulations in each country. Consequently, we have developed an assessment process for sub-suppliers to ensure that they work, to the greatest extent possible, in a manner that is sustainable in the long term and throughout the supply chain.

Our principal environmental impact derives from atmospheric emissions from solvents and dust resulting from surface treatment, impregnation and the use of fuel boilers.