Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

At Inwido, we believe that long-term sustainability work goes hand in hand with sustainable profitability. An increasing number of consumers are requesting smart products that help them save energy, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Our focus on environmentally adapted products has already put us at the forefront with modern, smart and energy efficient windows and doors. In addition, our foremost raw material – wood – is renewable, recyclable and absorbs carbon dioxide. This distinguishes us from our competitors, who primarily use non-renewable raw materials, such as plastic.

The sustainability perspective shall permeate all that we do and be a priority. We strive to implement carefully considered environmental work, strong business ethics, safe products and a healthy work environment. We govern our daily work based on three prioritized focus areas and our Code of Conduct, which all employees and stakeholders must comply with. This is where our approach to the environment, ethics and corporate social responsibility is established.

In order to constantly monitor our progress, the Group Management and the heads of operations and HR within each business area receive a consolidated sustainability report on a quarterly basis. The Board of Directors receives an annual sustainability report. We also evaluate annually whether there are any specific sustainability issues that should be addressed in the long term.

Additional information is available in our latest Annual Report.