Major variations between our markets

The European window market is complex, with major national and regional variations. Wooden windows and aluminium-clad wooden windows prevail in the Nordic countries, while plastic windows dominate in the rest of Europe. In some regions in Europe, wooden windows still constitute a significant share of the market, such as in northern Italy, Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria – also referred to as the European wood belt.

Our main markets are Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, UK, Poland, Austria and Ireland. We have production units in all our countries besides Austria and Ireland. All wood-based windows are products that are made to measure and comprise of several different components and materials. Every order is unique and the combination of components, materials and design is extensively customised, resulting in a high degree of complexity in production, capacity planning and logistics. Thanks to its flexible production, efficient logistics and decentralised organisation, we are able to meet these challenges and achieve efficient deliveries to customers.

Each market is characterized by unique market conditions based on existing construction standards, local regulations, design preferences, brands, sales channels, etc. The tradition of only changing windows in the summer is also typical of these markets, even though there are no real reasons not to change windows in the winter.

Market sectors

The window and door market is divided into residential and non-residential. These sectors can be sub-divided into renovation and new-build. Inwido operates primarily in the residential market sector. The residential sector accounts for about 70 percent of the total Nordic window market. The renovation sector represents just over two thirds of this market. The greater part (70 percent) of Inwido’s sales are within renovation.

Market size

We estimate that the total European window market amounts to approximately EUR 23 billion. The corresponding figure for exterior and sliding doors amounts to approximately EUR 2–3 billion.

In the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway), the value of the window market amounted to approximately EUR 1.8 billion, with wood-based and aluminium-clad wooden windows accounting for over 90 percent. The market for exterior and sliding doors is estimated at approximately a tenth of the window market.

In 2013, Inwido’s other European markets (United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Austria) corresponded to a value of approximately EUR 4 billion, approximately 25 percent of which were wooden windows. In Europe, the market for external and sliding doors is also estimated to account for ten percent of the window market.


Inwido uses several sales channels, based on local preferences. In the consumer segment, a consumer takes the initiative to make a purchase. The actual purchase may take place through direct sales or through a carpenter, middleman, small building company or retailer, such as a builder’s merchant or a DIY chain. When an industry customer takes the initiative to make a purchase, the sales channels comprise manufacturers of prefabricated homes and building companies.