Purchasing, production and logistics

Purchasing, production and logistics are central functions for us. By utilising our strength as a group, we can both increase our profitability and develop new, smart products of high quality and functionality. We constantly strive for additional opportunities to coordinate our development efforts, make use of synergies and reduce our purchasing costs with methods that are sustainable in the long term. At present, Inwido has a total of 29 production facilities in seven countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, UK and Estonia.


Inwido’s purchasing is handled centrally in the Group. This ensures benefits of scale and increases our bargaining power. We conclude central agreements with suppliers regarding the most important raw materials, such as wood, aluminium, insulating glass and paint. The local country organizations then use these agreements for their purchases, while sourcing market-specific products and materials locally. We are thus able to take advantage of the size of the Group while meeting the need for flexibility and local adaptation.


The vast majority of products are made to measure. They are uniquely configured and consist of several parts and components. For this reason, our production processes are work intensive and require skilled and experienced employees. “Lean” is a central concept to us. In recent years, we have worked hard on implementing Lean as a method, in order to rationalize and develop our production. This has involved merging production units and integrating suppliers in the production processes. To give another example, we have begun to introduce product platforms that create efficiencies by allowing us to produce several kinds of products using the same base.


All of Inwido’s production facilities handle many uniquely adapted orders simultaneously – orders that will then be shipped to a number of addresses. This is a complex logistics chain that poses rigorous requirements on precision and efficiency. We review our stock management and logistics continuously to identify synergies, such as reducing the number of transports. We handle stock management in-house, in order to gain Group-wide control, while external players are used for transport services.