We are constantly striving to improve our business. We must be able to cope with considerable local dynamics, while also taking advantage of central synergies and economies of scale. For this reason, we maintain a matrix organization with, on the one hand, business areas that can make decisions at local level and, on the other hand, functions that span the entire Group. There are also a couple of business units that report to the Group functions.

The aim with the organization is to maximize the development speed and outcome for Inwido Group by optimizing the outcome for each individual business area/unit as well as each critical business process. In order to do that we use local consumer and market knowledge, maximum Group function expertise and capitalization on synergy gains while we take decisions at the lowest possible level.

The managers of the business areas and units are fully responsible for all activities and the financial performance of their respective units and for their balance sheets, in addition to their customers, value chains and business strategies. Business area managers take business area specific decisions but are obliged to follow overall Group function decisions.

The Group staff functions are responsible for the coordination of Group-wide matters, for the formulation of guidelines and policies and for providing support to the business areas in the application of those guidelines and policies. In addition, the Group staff can drive group-wide strategic initiatives across all units and is responsible for decisions on function issues when at least two business areas are involved.

The overall management of the Group is exercised through the Group Management team, which holds meetings regularly.