Vision, mission and business concept

Our vision:

To be the consumer driven leading, role model within windows and doors with accessories in Europe. 

Our mission:

Improving life at home.

Our business concept:

Inwido offers windows and doors with related services and accessories to European consumers, building companies and manufacturers of prefabricated homes. With the customers’ and end-users’ needs in focus, we develop and deliver innovative products with attractive design and associated services to improve people’s life at home by lowering the cost of living, contributing to a better environment and by increasing security and comfort.

Our business model:

Inwido’s business model combines local adaptation with economies of scale. The majority of Inwido’s sales – just over 70 percent – are to the consumer market. Products are mainly marketed via national brands. Sales are made to consumers chiefly via retailers or directly via small building companies and carpenters, or via our own salespeople, who then offer installation services as well. The remaining 30 percent of Inwido’s sales are to industry customers, including manufacturers of prefabricated homes and large building companies.