About Inwido

Growth in profit

During 2013, Inwido had a turnover of 4,3 million SEK and its subsequent profit was 345 million SEK.   

Activities in eight countries

Inwido is the market leader in windows and doors in the combined markets of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In the area of wood-based products, we have leading positions in Poland, United Kingdom and Ireland. In October 2013 Inwido made its first greenfield launch. The company also exports products to USA, Japan, Russia and Canada and other countries. The Inwido headquarters is located in Malmö, Sweden.


Every year, consumers purchase over four million products in over fifteen markets from Inwido. The largets part, circa 70%, of Inwido's sales are to the consumer market. Sales to consumers are conducted via DIY centers and retailers of building materials or via building contractors. Circa 30% of Inwido's sales are to industrial customers such as building companies, contractors and prefabricated home manufacturers, for example NCC, PEAB, SKANSKA, JM, Trivselhus and Willa Nordic.


Inwido has production facilities in seven countries. In total, we have 26 manufacturing plants. It is important that we have production in the regions where our customers are because every country has its own standards for window systems, fittings and dimensions.


Inwido is owned by Ratos which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The Ratos business plan is to create the maximum return on investment over time by investing in and working to develop companies either listed on the stock exchange or otherwise. Ratos market value is approx. 20 billion SEK. Ratos owns circa 97% of Inwido while the management of Inwido owns the remaining 3%.