Inwido produces and sells windows and doors under some 20 different national brands. The company focuses on both the consumer and industry segments, thereby achieving broad market coverage. However, sales to the consumer market account for approximately 70 percent of the total. Products are mainly marketed via national brands. Inwido’s goal is for these brands to be number one or two within their segments in each market. Sales are made to consumers chiefly via retailers or directly via small construction companies and carpenters, or via our own salespeople, who then offer installation services as well.

The remaining 30 percent of Inwido’s sales are to industrial customers, including building companies and manufacturers of prefabricated homes. The consumer market is dominated by renovation, remodelling and extension projects. The industry market mainly consists of building companies and manufacturers of prefabricated homes, who generally procure framework agreements or larger volumes for specific building projects.

Inwido has implemented several initiatives during recent years to further focus our offering on end-customers – the consumers – in a much clearer way. These initiatives related to everything from the development of a clear brand strategy, to the establishment of focus groups to encourage consumer awareness. There are several reasons behind Inwido’s desire to focus more clearly on the consumer throughout the entire organization:

  • Just over 70 percent of sales are already to the consumer market
  • The consumer market is less sensitive to economic fluctuations
  • An increased consumer presence improves understanding for those who actually live with the products and insights about customers can be used to encourage innovation
  • Increased brand awareness can in turn improve our reputation among suppliers, finance companies and other interested parties