Hi! My name is Håkan Jeppsson and I am head of Inwido Group, Europe´s biggest window and door company.

Welcome to the world of great windows and doors! To deliver products and services of highest quality that creates a smart home to improve your well-being is our mission in the world.

We are determined to continuously develop our offerings to get the most satisfied consumers. In order to do that we have to listen to people and really understand what they need!

Last year one of our most important initiatives was the open innovation process; Inwido Compete and Incubate. The aim was to find the next generation of windows and doors for further improved consumer satisfaction.  We are now working hard to realize several of the ideas from the open innovation initiative to make peoples´ lives more comfortable and hassle-free.

2012 was a challenging year for Inwido, but one where we strengthened our market position. Sales declined as well as profitability in a tough market. However, we managed to turn the trend during the second half year delivering a decent operating margin. This reassures me that we are on the right track with our strategic focus to become a truly consumer driven company.

The last years have affected the economy in Europe negatively on many levels and, of course, our business as well. With declining markets we have to fight even harder to find growth. We see several growth opportunities since the underlying need for new build and renovated homes is already considerable.

At the same time consciousness of the need of sustainable products and solutions is growing among consumers. This opens great possibilities for us to further compete against materials like plastic, with our wood based windows and doors of highest quality. To meet these needs, we must continue to closely monitor consumer trends.

In 2013 Inwido will establish presence in some new selected European markets. At the same time we will strive to help ever more people to get smart homes to achieve improved well-being. Hereby I invite you to continue to follow us along the way into the exciting future.