Hi! My name is Håkan Jeppsson and I am CEO of Inwido Group.

Welcome to the world of great windows and doors! We are Europe´s largest window and door company with operations in 8 countries across Europe and with sales in another 15.

To deliver products and service of the highest quality that creates a smart home to improve your well-being is our mission in the world.

Throughout 2013 our motto was “Doing more with less”.

It was a rough year in terms of the market, but it was also a period in which Inwido developed its business from many perspectives.

Our greatest challenge during the last years has been growth in a market with weakening demand. Yet we have managed remarkably well to defend our leading industry position by, for example, increasing market shares and speed up our innovation process for products and concepts.

We have worked hard with three ambitions:
to create grow,
to develop new smart products for the consumers and
to strengthen our one-group efficiency.

During 2013 we took steps in this direction when we
• established our Hemmafönster brand in Austria as part of our organic growth strategy
• launched innovative smart products like InVent and Hajom Step
• and with several initiatives for consolidation of products and production footprints we have created a potential for improved group efficiency.

The result of our efforts is that we still have top-class profitability in the industry. I would say that we are in better shape now than before the financial crisis, and we are very well prepared when demand picks up again.

As we look forward, finding growth opportunities in the existing markets is prioritized. We think we can improve even further by:
• Using sales and marketing as a way to push the market forward.
• Harmonizing our product platforms to enhance both efficiency and develop new products.
• And launch what we call our IQ-branded products: Smart products for the future home.

To sum up, I am pleased with our achievements during 2013 and I am convinced that Inwido is well prepared for the future. However, I am not satisfied yet. We will keep working hard to improve ourselves even further this upcoming year. And I’m confident we have the skills to do it.