Corporate governance

The primary objective of corporate governance is to meet shareholders’ demands for returns on their invested capital in an optimum manner. Corporate governance generally refers to the rules and structure established for the efficient control and management of a limited liability company. Corporate governance includes a number of different bodies and functions within the company, among which the annual general meeting, the Board of Directors and the President are the most central.

The governance of Inwido is based on its Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act and other Swedish and foreign regulations and legislation. Because Inwido’s shares are not traded in a regulated market, the company is not required to apply the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (“the Code”). Nonetheless, the Board of Directors has decided to follow certain parts of the Code in order to safeguard sound corporate governance. In accordance with the requirements of the Code, Inwido’s Board of Directors has prepared a corporate governance report. Read the full Corporate Governance Report.

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