Focus on the environment

Taking action to reduce our environmental footprint is an important corporate responsibility. At Inwido, we recognize the need for organizations to manage environmental issues in a sustainable manner. Inwido plays a leading role in developing windows and doors that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Current products shall not only reduce energy consumption, and thereby the impact on the climate, they shall also be made from environmentally friendly materials and form part of a sustainable eco-cycle.

Inwido wants to lead the way in development of products meeting requirements on energy saving whilst working actively to decrease negative environmental impacts from our operations. Environmental aspects are also given high priority in our purchasing processes.

A majority of Inwido’s products are wood-based and manufactured using raw materials that are generally produced locally, which is favourable in an environmental perspective.

We continuously develop and monitor the development of materials to ensure they are suited to a sustainable environment. We want to take a holistic and responsible approach on the environment.