Decreasing impact on the environment

To decrease environmental impact in production, Inwido has five focus areas;

  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Increase the usage of bio fuel
  • Decrease the use of carbon dioxide
  • Decrease chemical waste
  • Decrease the amount of hazardous waste

In our sustainability targets, emissions and waste are to be measured. To decrease emissions of carbon dioxide and emissions from chemicals emissions of CO2 purchased electricity, combustion from fossil fuels and business travel is to be measured by tonnes per year. Emissions from fossil fuels and chemicals are also to be measured by tonnes per year. The goal is also to decrease hazardous waste and other waste in order to decrease the negative impact on the environment from production.

Inwido production units are generally self-sufficient in terms of heating, by using biofuel from recycled rest products (sawdust and wood chip) from production. In the Danish unit Inwido provides the nearby community of Dybsvad with fuel. The goal is to reduce energy usage by 20 percent per production unit during the next five year period.

Inwido applies the following systems to manage the environmental impact on its products:

  • BASTA – the phasing out of harmful chemicals on building products
  • Building products declarations
  • ”Svanen” labelled windows
  • Energy declarations
  • FCS labelling