Environmental Policy

The operations of Inwido shall be characterised by great care of the environment, the customers and the co-workers. Minimising the environmental impact is a prerequisite for a durable business development.

The windows and doors of Inwido are developed with the aim to offer the highest functionality and attractive design. One of the most important aspects in terms of functionality is to reduce the energy consumption of the user. Energy is the most important resource of the modern society and higher energy efficiency is very important both from an environmental- and cost perspective.

This means that:

  • The product offering of Inwido shall include the best products in the market from an energy and environmental perspective. 
  • Inwido shall communicate to its customers the products that are good from an environmental and energy perspective.
  • The products of Inwido shall continuously be developed in order to attain a higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.
  • Inwido shall consider environmental work and impact when choosing suppliers.
  • Inwido shall meet or exceed the demands of environmental laws and other regulations.
  • Inwido's production shall be characterized by a comprehensive approach considering the complete life cycle of the product from raw material to recycling.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Inwido shall strive for economical and environmental resource effective transportation and logistical solutions.
  • Inwido shall secure a good and safe working environment.

This environmental policy applies to the entire Inwido Group. Responsible managers shall secure conformity to the policy through action plans. The policy conformity shall continuously be evaluated via reporting to the Board of Directors.