The total European market for windows is estimated to be worth almost EUR 30 billion. Approximately 25 percent of this market consists of wood-based windows. The proportion of wood-based windows has steadily increased over the past ten years. The market for exterior doors is valued at approximately EUR 3 billion.

The Nordic windows market is estimated to be worth approximately EUR 1.9 billion, with wood-based windows accounting for the majority at around 90 percent. The Nordic exterior door market is estimated to be worth just under EUR 200 million.

How we adapt to the changing world around us

The major part of our business is closely connected to the consumer market. Consequently, understanding how the outside world affects our consumers and their choices is essential to us.

About 70 percent of our business derives from the consumer market. Furthermore, most of our industrial customers have consumers as their end users. That means we must understand not only the major forces that affect the new-build and renovation markets, such as GDP growth, disposable income, interest rates, environmental development and local regulations – as a consumer-oriented company, we must also understand the trends that drive home-owners’ decision making.

Windows and doors have a great impact on people’s sense of well-being. They affect exposure to daylight, sense of security, indoor climate, environmental impact – and, of course, energy bills. In addition, the way people view their homes is not constant. Priorities and habits change constantly. For example, global urbanization means that more people will move to cities where space is scarce, and digitization means that we are presented with new opportunities, such as controlling functions like home alarm and security settings remotely.

Our window markets

Inwido’s markets are very different from one another. In our strongest markets, the Nordic region, wood and wood/aluminium products dominate. In other European countries, such as the UK and Poland, plastic products still dominate. Generally, the Nordic markets are relatively consolidated – normally with two to four local players dominating. The other European markets are far more fragmented.

Current, generally weak market trends mean that Inwido will continue to assess and implement structural adjustments. However, in the long term, we see that the underlying need for new and improved homes is considerable.

Inwido´s market segments are divided into three different geographical areas; Sweden, Nordic and Europe as show on the map above.