To only decrease prices is not enough

At Inwido we produce wooden based windows and doors. Wood is uniquely renewable and an environmentally sound material. Most of the wood used in Inwido products is responsibly sourced from well-managed forests near our manufacturing facilities. We have set the objective to adapt our production processes to minimize environmental impact. It goes without saying, we want to take our corporate responsibility seriously. We follow laws, rules and regulations and our business ethics are of the highest standards in all we do. Inwido has a process for evaluating suppliers so that they work together with us in a sustainable way over time through our sustainable supply chain process. One of the most important tasks within purchasing is to lower the total landing costs for our material needs.

But to utilize bargaining power in order to decrease purchasing prices is not enough in a sustainable way of doing business. We need to identify costs and resources used in the logistic process and take a holistic view on the whole supply chain.

We are an international company and we need to cooperate to leverage on group strengths. For this reason it is important to coordinate our actions over borders to optimize the advantage of scale. We aim for continuous improvement and strive for:

  • Lower landing costs
  • Better materials in our products
  • More efficient supply chain processes
  • Smarter and more innovative products and solutions for our customers

We will also strive to further integrate suppliers in the production process and develop synergies to increase gross margin by lowering material costs, efficient materials, improved technology and production excellence.