Board of directors and the work of the board of directors

The Board of Directors of Inwido AB consists of five ordinary members elected by the annual general meeting. The work of the Board of Directors are regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of Association, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Board of Directors. These govern the number of meetings per financial year, which matters should be dealt with at the meetings and the distribution of work between the Board of Directors and the President. Normally, six board meetings are held each year. 

The members of the Board are presented below, with details of their year of birth, education, the year in which they were elected to the Board, other assignments and previous employment.

For information about shareholdings of the Inwido share please visit Finansinspektionen’s website.

Georg Brunstam
Chairman of the Board from November 2017
Born: 1957
Education: Master of Science (Engineering)
Member of the board since: 2017
Other assignments: Chairman of the Board Hexpol AB (publ), member of the Board of Beckers Industrial Coatings Holding AB, Melker Schörling AB (publ) and Nibe Industrier AB.
Previous positions: CEO HEXPOL AB (publ), CEO Nolato AB (publ), Group Management and BA President Trelleborg AB (publ)
Benny Ernstson
Board member
Born: 1949
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, Lund University
Member of the board since: 2004
Other assignments: Business consultant, Chairman of Svensk Husproduktion AB
Previous positions: President of Universal Hardwood Flooring, President and Business Area Manager for Tarkett AB, Business Area Manager for Nobia AB, divisional manager for Perstorp AB and LB Invest AB.
Astrid Simonsen Joos
Board member
Born: 1973
Education: Master of Science in Business & Economics, Handelshøyskolen BI, Norway
Member of the board since: 2017
Other assignments: CEO Philips Lighting Nordics, Board member DI Digital
Previous positions: CEO Creuna Denmark, Marketing Director Microsoft Norway and Denmark, Sales Manager Microsoft
Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen
Board member
Born: 1967
Education: Cand.merc.aud. Copenhagen Business School.
Member of the board since: 2015
Other assignments: CFO/Executive Vice President Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG)
Previous positions: Authorized public accountant in Denmark, Nordic CFO Grey Global Group, Partner, Deloitte.
Anders Wassberg
Board member
Born: 1965
Education: Master of Science in Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology
Member of the board since: 2009
Other assignments: President and CEO of Ballingslöv International AB, Chairman Kährs Holding AB
Previous positions: President of AB Gustaf Kähr, President of Beijer Byggmaterial AB

Board members appointed by the employees

Robert Wernersson
Board member
Born: 1965
Member of the board since: 2012
Other assignments: Member of the board Inwido Produktion AB and Elitfönster AB, chairman of Unionen Växjö
Tony Johansson
Board member
Born: 1967
Member of the board since: 2012
Other assignments: Member in the GS section 3 Halland/Kronoberg trade-union
Carin Kärrå
Deputy employee representative
Born: 1964
Member of the board since: 2016
Other assignments: -


Thomas Forslund
Authorized Public Accountant, KPMG AB
Born: 1965
Other assignments: Auditor for Inwido AB since 2016