Company Profile

A Nordic market leading supplier of windows, ready for the next step

Inwido is the largest supplier of windows and a leading door supplier in Europe. We supply intelligent solutions that improve people’s life at home. We have net sales of approximately 6.4 Billion SEK. In 2017, our operating profit amounted to SEK 649 million. We employ approximately 4,400 people, and our head office is located in Malmö.

A strong hold on the Nordic region: Inwido has operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the UK and Poland and sales in an additional 15 countries. 
In all of our markets, we are either the leader or a notable challenger. In the Nordic region, we are the largest supplier, with a 30 percent market share. Renovation and remodeling are key driving forces in our business, accounting for approximately two thirds of market volume. The new building market accounts for the rest

The consumer in focus: We work with solutions that improve people’s life at home. We have therefore chosen a consumer-focused strategy. This helps us work in a highly efficient manner and gives us the opportunity to become more profitable. Approximately 70 percent of Inwido’s sales are to consumers, through various channels. Industry customers, such as manufacturers of prefabricated homes and building companies account for the remainder.



Sales per segment 2017

Strong local brands: Our portfolio comprises more than 20 strong local brands, such as Elitfönster and Tiivi. As each market has its own standards, regulations and preferences, both with regard to design and sales channels, it is vital that we maintain a local presence. We are thereby able to meet our customers’ local variations in taste and focus while creating synergies at the central level. All in all, this makes us well equipped for the next step in our development.

Our strategic ambitions

Inwido strives to create a consumer-driven company with top-class sales and marketing. The ambition for Inwido is to grow with profitability in selected European markets, segments and distribution channels.

Inwido shall develop the next generation of smart and innovative window and door concepts, together with accessories, that meet the consumers’ needs and improve people’s well-being.

Inwido aims to create a coordinated and efficient group with the right leadership and cooperation that uses synergies to reach optimum operational efficiency. Inwido shall always strive to have the best people and competences for its operations.

Inwido’s value chain