Corporate governance

The overarching objective of corporate governance is to meet shareholders’ demands for returns on their invested capital in an optimum manner. The Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the President are the most central functions included in our corporate governance.

The governance of Inwido is also designed to support Inwido’s business model, where decisions are made at as local a level as possible, in the most effective manner possible.

Corporate governance within the Inwido Group has mainly been based on the Companies Act, other applicable laws and regulations, the Company’s Articles of Association and Inwido’s internal governance documents. These governance documents mainly include the Board of Directors’ formal work plan, its instructions for the President (CEO) and the Group’s finance policy. In addition, Inwido has a number of policy documents and manuals containing rules and recommendations that provide principles and guidance for Inwido’s operations and employees.

Inwido’s corporate governance is also based on the NASDAQ Stockholm regulations for issuers, and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code). The Code applies to companies whose shares are listed in a regulated market. Companies are not always obliged to comply with all of the rules in the Code. Instead, they have the opportunity to select the alternatives they consider best suited to their conditions, provided that they report all deviations, describe the alternative solution and explain why this was selected (according to the principle of “comply or explain”). 


Corporate Governance reports: