Financial targets

Sales growth

Inwido´s objective is to exceed growth in company´s current markets through organic growth, as well as selective acquisitions and initiatives in Europe.


Inwido´s target is an operating EBITA margin of 12%.

In Inwido´s assessment, it will be possible to achieve the profitability target within a few years, based on the efficiency measures that Inwido has carried out over the past five years, existing plans, as well as on the assumption that general market demand will develop in pace with current expectations. In years with a weaker market trend, Inwido will probably not achieve its profitability targets. In such events, Inwido intends to take steps to improve profitability – something that Inwido historically proven itself capable of achieving.

Capital structure

Net debt. in relation to operating EBITDA shall, excluding temporary deviations, not exceed a multiple of 2.5.

Dividend policy

Inwido aims to pay its shareholders an annual dividend that corresponds to approximately 50 percent of net profit, while taking the company’s financial status, cash flow and future prospects into consideration.