Board members’ and CEO’s holdings in Inwido

The list below sets forth, for board members and the CEO, own and related natural or legal persons’ holdings of shares and other financial instruments in Inwido, and for the CEO also significant shareholdings and partnerships in enterprises with which Inwido has important business relations. The information is updated once per year in connection with the convening notice to the annual general meeting.

Updated: 6 July, 2016

Ernstson, Benny Board member 11 074 shares, 10 000 legal person
Johansson, Tony Employee representative None
Jeppsson, Håkan President & CEO 443 052 shares
Karra, Carin Deputy employee representative None
Rasmussen Fjelsted, Sisse Board member None
Wassberg, Anders Acting Chairman 10 000 shares
Wernersson, Robert Employee representative None