Trend reports

Consumers in changing times

During the last decade, we’ve had more and more proof of changing times. Changes in how consumers look at their homes, their dreams, their time, the environment, what they buy. Things they consider extremely important. Add to this the digital revolution and, with that, new buying and search patterns, along with a, to say the least, shaky financial situation, we find new, ever changing consumer behavior patterns.

In the beginning of 2012 Tiivi, Elitfönster, Lyssand and Outline Denmark together with Inwido AB initiated a study to find out what our consumers think is important and what trends influences the home and even more important  for us, influence the purchase when investing in our homes, in the Nordic. The report "Big Dreams. Small Spaces. A window on the quest for the dream home." was the outcome of this work. This report created quite some attention in the four Nordic markets where it was released.

In 2014 Inwido decided it was time to take another look at the consumer trends - this time with a slightly different angle - at the relationship between the consumer and the craftsman, and what the consumers think and experience before, during and after a renovation. The report - "Renovating your home - heaven or hell" was released late April the same year and included interviews with some 2700 consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Read the full reports here:

Renovating your home heaven or hell (2014)
Big dreams. Small spaces. A window on the quest for the dream home. (2012)