Company culture

Inwido core values – how we work together

Inwido core values define our way of working together, to ensure we meet our business goals. They define how we want to cooperate with colleagues, customers and business partners. Our belief is that a value is not an absolute truth, but rather a tool to discuss how to solve situations.

Our values are clearly linked to our leadership culture and together we work to develop a soulful and passionate working environment.

Together we can use values to openly discuss best practices in order to reach our goals and improve people’s well-being.

Consumer in mind

Our goal is to understand consumer expectations and needs then act upon them. In order to live up to what our consumers and business associates expect of us we need to be personally involved and behave with honesty and respect.

”We want everyone to have the insight and to have an end-user mindset throughout the whole Inwido organization.”

Courage to improve

We are proactive and strive to be in the front line of innovation in everything we do. We promote an innovative mindset to reach our goals and always find the best solutions.

”We are prepared to make changes in time, and make these changes to fulfill our company strategy and goals.”

Competent people at hand

Through the right competences we want to create involvement and inspiration for our minds to grow. We encourage each other to share knowledge and work together in teams. Through our way of working we build motivation and trust.

”We need honest feedback, and openness as a way of behaving even when giving feedback, rather than avoiding the difficult subjects.”