Become an expert on doors

What do you know about thresholds, door frames and insulation?

How do you ensure that a door not only keeps out the cold, but also looks nice and inviting for many years to come? Learn all about the construction of doors. 

01 Frame: The frame is made of solid pine often with the dimensions 40 x 105 mm. Teak doors are teak stained or solid framed, oak doors have a solid oak frame.

02 Threshold: Thresholds made of hardwoods normally have a protective aluminum strip. The profile of a threshold complies to disability standards where applicable.

03: Board/veneer: The inside and the outside of the door are covered with a moisture-resistant HDF board or glued veneer if the door is oak, pine or teak.

04: Aluminum sheet: The inner and outer layers of the door have a moisture repellant and stabilizing aluminum sheet which is 0.5 mm thick.

05: Door frame:  The door frame is made of solid pine or oak.

06: Insulation: Environmentally-friendly polystyrene foam insulation. Fire doors are insulated using rock wool. 

07 See point 4.

08 See point 3.

09 Decoration/Surface treatment: Decoration using sheet, strips and profiling on the outside of the door. Several surface treatment materials are available, for example, paint, teak or pine. 

10 Glass: Mounting of a triple pane insulating window unit. The panes are available in several styles.

11: Lock: Most exterior doors are supplied with security classified locks which comply with relevant standards.

12: Frame screw: Pre-drilled frame to accommodate frame screws.

13: Hinge: Adjustable inserted barrel hinges with rear edge security. The hinge is secured in the frame with a fitting plate.

14 Security plate: Security plate with adjusting screws and a manually adjustable cover plate. 

15 Sealing strip: Sealing strip made from long lasting rubber.

Door dimensions

The size of a door is always stated in module (M) size. This measurement is not the exact size of the door frame. It is the size of the opening in the wall where the door will be placed. For a door with module size 9 x 21 (width by height), you will need an opening in the wall of at least 900 x 2100 mm. The actual exterior door frame dimensions are 10 mm smaller in width and height in order to leave room for insulating materials and adjustment. The size of a module can also be expressed as including insulation and mounting fittings.

Measuring for an exterior door

When replacing an exterior door, it is normal practice to replace both the door and the frame. The size of the door should be related to the size of the opening in the wall. It is not enough to measure the size of the door only. Contact your builder/carpenter if you are unsure. For an accurate measurement of the door you will need to remove strips and insulation around the frame of your old door. Measure the opening in the wall. Subtract 20 mm from the width and height of your dimensions. In this way, you get the maximum width and height your new door unit can have. Choose a suitable new door module.

Right or left hang?

When looking from the outside, decide if your door should be right or left hung.

Care for your door

In order to keep its appearance over a long period, a door should be maintained with care. Regular maintenance is also necessary and a condition of the guarantee.


How much maintenance your door will need depends on where it is placed. Where conditions are harsh, your door will need more maintenance to deal with the effects of rain, wind and sun.