Consumer trends

The consumer in focus

A major share of our products ends up in residential environments. Consumer insights are therefore key to us. We carefully monitor the factors that govern people’s investments in their homes, from megatrends such as urbanization and energy regulations to fast-moving interior design trends, all the way down to the local level.

Environmental impact, cost efficiency, attractive design, a sense of security and comfort are all factors that we know to be important to consumers. Over the past decade, we have also seen increasing evidence that the times we live in are changing. The way consumers view their homes, their dreams, their time and the environment is shifting quickly as is what they buy. The digital revolution, new ways of searching for and purchasing goods and services, as well as the financial unease of recent years have combined to create new consumer trends.

Since 2012, we have issued total three trend reports, which provide an in-depth view of consumer behavior.

Human home in a digital word – Inwido trend report 2017

In this report we´ve examined how consumers see the home of the future, with emphasis on the smart, or connected, home. The reports tells us that the home is on the verge of big transformation and consumers are interested in functions that make the homer smarter. The important thing is that the new products and services truly, in a smart way, makes life in our homes simpler, safer and more convenient.

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