Innovation is team work.

Inwido’s Research & Development departments (R&D) have been tasked with driving the innovation work within the Group. This work is coordinated by a Group-wide function. But innovation is team work. Ideas arrive from many directions. We listen carefully to the world around us, analyze trends and talk to researchers, retailers, customers and suppliers. We listen just as carefully to our own employees. For example, our R&D departments work in close dialogue with our marketing managers to ensure that our work with new concepts and ideas is aligned with needs and trends in the market.

An example of how we include the world around us in our development work is the innovative competition we arranged with the Swedish science park Ideon in 2012. Students and researchers were invited to present their thoughts on five of our most important areas of development. This resulted in several excellent ideas, some of which formed the basis for products that have now been launched as part of our IQ concept.

Design is another important innovation factor. We know that the look of a product has an increasing impact on the decision to buy. We therefore work closely with designers and architects. For example, our SnickarPer brand cooperates with renowned designers such as Björn Dahlström and Stina Sandwall. It also offers the Architect Lab service – an opportunity for house architects to design their own doors, in small or large series, with professional assistance.

We are also working together with digital experts to develop additional smart products. Since 2013, we are co-owners of WeBeHome, experts in technology for smart homes. We are also owners of the design brand Art Andersen Cph that offers innovative, aesthetic screening solutions and building-related design.