The world is becoming increasingly smart – so are we

The connected home is already here, and digitalization drives evolution. We want to be the leader in the development of smart windows and doors. This is what our concept IQ is all about – products that use various forms of intelligence to make everyday life easier, thereby improving people’s well-being. The IQ concept is an important platform for the entire Group. It is both a way of meeting new consumer requirements and a way for us, as a company, to increase the value of our products and brands.

In February 2014, our brands Hajom and SnickarPer launched their first products within the IQ concept, including locks operated from mobile phones, integrated camera surveillance and antibacterial glass. Since 2013, Inwido is co-owners of the company WeBeHome, a specialist in technology for smart homes.

The smart window

In December 2016 Inwido are first to bring this innovation, the smart window, to the market and will initially be launching the window in Sweden through our Hemmafönster brand. Operating the smart window is simple. Sensors in the handle ascertain the window’s position and determine whether the window is open or closed. The information is then transmitted to the home owner via a mobile app. The technology is fully integrated into the window, which looks like a completely normal window.

Inwido has already launched smart doors and Venetian blinds that will be integrated into the same app as the smart windows.”

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