Auditor and audit committee

The Board of Directors has appointed an audit committee with the aim of providing a specific forum for accounting and audit work. The members of the audit committee are Georg Brunstam, Henriette Schütze and Anders Wassberg. Georg Brunstam is the Chairman. The main duties of the audit committee, which operates according to rules of procedure adopt by the Board of Directors, are to supervise the Company’s and Group’s financial reporting, monitor efficiency in its internal controls, internal audit and risk management, and apprise itself of information regarding the audit of the annual report and consolidated financial statements, review and monitor the auditor’s impartiality and independence and, in so doing, take particularly into account whether the auditor provides Inwido with services other than audit services. The audit committee shall also assist the nomination committee as regards the selection of auditors.

The audit committee has regular contacts with the auditor of Inwido in the purpose of creating a continuous exchange of information in auditing matters between the Board of Directors and the auditor.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting appointed KMPG AB as auditors until the 2020 Annual General Meeting. KPMG AB is represented by Thomas Forslund. Thomas Forslund has no assignments in other companies affiliated to Inwido’s major owners or to the President.