Inwido as a partner

Inwido, Europe’s largest window group and a natural home for the region’s strongest companies in the areas of comfort, indoor climate and safety, offers Group-wide, strategic collaborations with suppliers, customers and partners. Our ambition is to establish long-term and profitable partnerships.

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We have a strongly decentralized organizational structure in which our subsidiaries are afforded the opportunity to act as independently as possible. They simultaneously receive central support on a number of strategic issues, including purchasing, digitization, financing, IT and leadership.

As a partner, Inwido and our companies offer extensive experience and broad expertise, financial stability, opportunities for enhanced efficiency, collaboration on technology and digitization, as well as other strategic advantages derived from collaborating with a market-leading group.

At central level, specialists responsible for their particular categories work strategically with procurement of, for example, wood, glass, aluminium, paint and logistics for the production and transport of windows and doors for all of Inwido’s companies.

Our agreements at the group level enable the procurement of larger volumes of materials, bringing advantages in terms of price. Our cooperation with our suppliers also benefits us by giving us access to their latest innovative solutions.

Efforts to minimize the risk of disruptions to deliveries to our factories is another important part of this work. We mainly achieve this through dual sourcing, meaning that we avoid being dependent on any single supplier in any of the different product categories. This makes us less vulnerable and more flexible in the allocation of our resources.

In our efforts to select suppliers, we apply a process to identify potential suppliers, approve selected suppliers, implement cooperative processes and procedures and to regularly evaluate our suppliers.

Our Code of conduct


Partnership for connected solutions

Inwido offers a shared platform for connected products and solutions in the smart home. With the vision to improve indoor life for people, we combine the latest digital technology with high-quality craftsmanship for connected windows and doors. We offer partnerships within the smart home environment.

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    Our areas of innovation

    • Comfort - Marking everyday life easier and more comfortable we develop and deliver user friendly connected products and solutions, easy to install and control.
    • Indoor climate - Reducing environmental impact and improve the indoor climate we enable solutions to adapt and improve air quality, temperature and lighting at home.
    • Safety - Providing perimeter protection and control, making it possible to have control of connected windows and doors remote and at home.

    Partner with Inwido

    A shared digital platform allows Inwido to develop connected products and solutions for our subsidiaries and customers. As Europe’s largest window group, we and our partners are able to offer the latest innovations for the home. Are you a retailer, systems integrator or a software or hardware developer? Installer, distributor or supplier? Whatever your business is, we have a partnership programme for you.

     +Connect is the Inwido owned brand name of the platform for connected products and solutions in the smart home. See more here 


    Why partner with Inwido?

    The best way to achieve success in IoT (Internet of Things) is to be able to offer an integrated value chain encompassing products, services and technology. This should also be designed so that everything works together with Inwido’s subsidiary´s connected windows and doors. Together, we can create unique, profitable offerings meeting customer’s needs.

    What does the partnership programme´s include?

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      Sales programme

      Sales programme to enhance your company’s sales potential. If you are a retailer, distributor, installer, system integrator or supplier. Your chances of success increase aided by our companies’  connected products, e-commerce channels and access to more than 25 brands.

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      Software development

      Software development programme streamlining software integration with our connected products and services. If you are a software developer. Benefit from the product portfolio of our companies’, combined with comprehensive professional support for fast and successful integration.

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      Hardware development programme

      Hardware development programme, identifying and developing relevant solutions where our combined hardware development improve the offering of windows and doors for connected homes. Benefit from our companies’ products, combined with our software platforms. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with our experienced in-house research and development team

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      Services development programme

      Services development programme identifying and developing relevant service solutions to solve every-day tasks and challenges, with the ambition to improve the total offering for the connected home. Benefit from our companies’ products, combined with our software platforms. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with our experienced in-house research and development team.