Remuneration & remuneration committee

Remunerations to Board members are determined annually by the Annual General Meeting. Board members who are employed by the company will not receive any board remuneration.

The Board of Directors has also established a special remuneration committee. The remuneration committee has an advisory function and a preparatory function as regards matters on which decisions must be taken, before they are addressed and decided upon by Inwido’s Board of Directors. The remuneration committee works in accordance with rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors. The main duties of the remuneration committee are to prepare decisions by the Board of Directors on issues concerning remuneration principles, remuneration and other employment terms for Company management; to monitor and assess variable remuneration programmes for Company management; and to monitor and assess the application of the guidelines for remuneration to the executive management decided upon by the Annual General Meeting, as well as applicable remuneration structures and remuneration levels in Inwido.

Remuneration and terms and conditions for the senior executives of Inwido shall be in accordance with the guidelines (see minutes here) adopted by the Annual General Meeting of Inwido.

Detailed information on the remuneration paid in 2019 is available in Note 8 of Inwido’s Annual Report 2019.