45 windows and doors open to work, community and hope

An example of when companies and people together make a difference for communities is the Botildenborg Innovation Center in Malmö. Two of Inwido's companies have been there to help people from all cultures of the world meet around food, cultivation and integration.

It is Inwido's company Elitefönster and Diplomat Dörrar that have had the pleasure of supporting the comprehensive renovation of the historic courtyard at Rosengård. They have sponsored with what they do best ... 45 windows and doors. On August 21, 2019, the historic building was inaugurated, which has been decaying for many years, but is now alive and well. Behind the rescue operation of the house and the Botildenborg foundation stands the passionate Lena Friblick. Her vision is for companies, authorities, academia and civil society to contribute to jobs, integration and a good future for all young people.

Lena - why did you turn to Inwido's companies?- We turned to them for help with windows and doors to Botildenborg. Both Elitefönster and Diplomat were swift to accept and we have had an incredibly good collaboration during these years. Their help has been of great importance. Both were we able to financially carry out the entire renovation but also gave the house a beautiful, old-fashioned character. We see that Botildenborg will be an important place in the road to a successful Malmö.

What is your vision with Botildenborg?

- Our vision with Botildenborg is to create Europe's leading place for sustainability in food and cultivation. We work to contribute to both ecological, economic and social sustainability. Botildenborg has three focus areas: contributing to work, community and hope. The overall goal is for Botildenborg to become Sweden's leading place for a sustainable society.

The five-year collaboration agreement signed by Elitfönster contributes to the company's goals to create a meeting place that promotes increased social sustainability, integration and innovation.