"Glass is a fantastic material for the future"

The quote belongs to glass expert Anett Karlsson at the renowned glass supplier Pilkington, the company that developed the float glass method for the manufacture of flat glass in the 50s.

Since 1979, Pilkington has been a central supplier of flat glass to Inwido's company Elitfönster and its insulating glass factory in Lenhovda. And even though you mainly think of the glass itself when you think of windows, it is in the coating that the true magic rest.

- It is in the invisible coating on the glass that the real magic happens, says Anett and continues. Through intensive research and development, for example as a pioneer in energy coatings, we create smart glasses with fantastic energy performance, which benefits Elitfönster's customers.

At the forefront of development

With industry-leading development departments in England and Germany Pilkington drive glass innovations for houses, real estate, cars, technical solutions etc. Advanced coatings and processes create stronger glass, scratch-resistant glass, energy-optimized glass, etc. that can keep heat and cool on the right side of the glass… yes, cutting-edge developments that demonstrates the advantages and possibilities of glass. Along with Elitfönster's product specialists, innovations such as self-cleaning, condensation-free and antibacterial glass have been developed, in addition to purely breakthrough advances in ever-lower energy efficiency. Today, with advanced glass solutions, you can approach the insulation level of the actual wall, that´s how far the development has come.

- Given the world's strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, it is very motivating to work with the glass of the future. Today, for example, it is just as much about staying out of heat as it is to protect oneself from cold. What seemed impossible yesterday is now possible thanks to advancements in coatings, says Anett, Technical Advisory Service Manager at Pilkington in Halmstad.

Glass is a material for the future, Anett testaments.

- Glass is truly fantastic. While it may be a fairly invisible element in a house, it is windows that make the most visual impact. It's not for nothing that architects love glass and what can be done with windows. Now we look forward to 40 exciting new years together with Elitfönster to together create a more beautiful and more energy efficient world, Anett concludes.

Elitfönster have since 1979 its very own production of insulating glass in the Lenhovda factory.