A spectrum of sustainability investments 2021

Inwido continuously increases its commitment to sustainability and regularly reports to relevant initiatives and protocols in order to be transparent and traceable, to make it possible to follow and evaluate our efforts in sustainability issues. These are reported below.

Global Compact
Since 2019, Inwido has reported to the UN’s Global Compact, meaning that Inwido undertakes to work actively on sustainability issues and to report on this work to the UN. The work is based on the Global Compact’s 10 basic principles, which is based on internationally accepted conventions on human rights, labor rights, the environment and anticorruption.

Carbon Disclosure Project
All Inwido business units report data regularly in accordance with Inwido’s sustainability KPIs. A large proportion of these KPIs are used in the annual reporting to the CDP, including Inwido’s greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions. The CDP reporting has become Inwido’s principal channel for reporting and describing its climate strategy, as well as for gathering its reporting and follow-up of emissions, etc. Inwido is at Management level in CDP’s ranking, which is the second highest level.

Sustainalytics och MSCI ESG Rating
In 2020, Inwido was listed on Sustainalytics’ ESG ranking for the first time. The ranking forms the basis for international fund managers’ investments in sustainable companies and rates them according to risks for environmental, social and corporate governance issues. In 2020 Inwido received 24.2 in the ESG Risk Rating, which is classified as an average rating. In the international ranking MSCI ESG Rating, Inwido was raised to AA, which is the second highest level on a seven-point scale

The UN’s 17 global goals
Inwido and its business units work to promote the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development. Inwido focuses, to varying degrees, on the following seven goals. Goal 3, Good health and well-being, Goal 5, Gender equality, Goal 7, Affordable and clean energy, Goal 8, Decent work and economic growth, Goal 11, Sustainable cities and communities, Goal 12, Responsible consumption and production, and Goal 13, Climate action.

Buildings are the largest energy consumers in the EU, with 40 percent usage. Energy-efficient windows and doors are an important component in achieving climate goals. Energy requirement, stated as U-value, is 1.0 for windows and 1.2 for doors. About 45 percent of Inwido's sales in 2020 are environmentally sustainable, according to the Taxonomy. The share is expected to rise in 2021.

Group-wide sustainability meetings
In 2020, Inwido arranged four Group-wide sustainability meetings in which senior executives from the business units participated. During these meetings, the teams go through the sustainability work and reporting is followed up. Knowledge sharing takes place between both large and small business units, which leads to collaborations across company borders. In addition to reporting, meetings are thematized in, for example, energy, production, work environment and community involvement, etc. During the annual Management Meeting, the Group’s sustainability award was presented to the business unit having implemented the most significant sustainability initiatives. In 2020, the sustainability award was presented to Outline for their many years of investment in the Outline Plus department, which trains, for example, those on long-term sick leave and helps them gradually return to work. In addition, during the autumn, Outline’s leadership and trust index was raised to as much as 83 percent, which testifies to successful investments in a sustainable workplace.