"We develop colors for durable windows and doors"

Beautiful to the eye, sustainable quality, kind to people and the environment. This is how the global paint manufacturer AkzoNobel's view of paint can be summarized. For almost two decades, AkzoNobel Wood Coatings has collaborated closely with the Inwido Group's companies to create stylish, functional and durable windows and doors together. In all colors of the rainbow… but usually in white.

Different solutions for different markets

As different as windows and doors can be in different European countries - AkzoNobel's delivery to Inwido companies' factories is just as varied. Depending on the wood material from which the window is made, different painting systems are required. Most window manufacturers apply two coats of paint after impregnation, others choose to paint in three coats, for example Elitfönster. But one thing is always the same. A strong focus on quality, sustainability and development.

 - We are proud to push for the development of the color of the future that meets high environmental ambitions and demands for quality and longevity. In recent years, we have accelerated our focus on increasingly environmentally friendly systems. As a complement to our today strong product portfolio with the brands AkzoNobel and SIKKENS, we develop paint that provides longer maintenance intervals. Color is truly more technically exciting than what you see with the naked eye and never ceases to fascinate me, says Petra Rapp, Regional Segment Manager Building Products.

    What would life be without color? Quite colorless. But even if the truth is that most of the Inwido family's windows are painted white, it is only the imagination of the customers that sets the limits. After working closely with Elitfönster for almost twenty years, today AkzoNobel's factory in Malmö supplies a number of Inwido's companies with paint every year. Swedish Elitfönster and Norwegian Lyssand-Frekhaug are some of the businesses that paint their windows with AkzoNobel's paint. And when aluminum is to be painted by Inwido's processing companies Alackering and Alackernia, it is a powder paint from AkzoNobel's powder paint unit.

    - Color plays an incredibly important role for windows and doors and almost creates a "furniture feeling" with colors and gloss. It is not only an important part of the aesthetics and for the pleasure of the eye, but also a carrier of the physical feeling when you put your hand against the door or the wooden frame of the window. In addition, paint protects the wood material and the product's function so that windows can last for thirty years or more, with proper care, says Christian Lundberg, Swedish sales manager at AkzoNobel Wood Coatings.

    A close and growing collaboration

    Based on its large development department in Malmö, AkzoNobel provides the Inwido family with cutting-edge research and innovation. With high, technical competence and a strong focus on efficiency, quality and sustainability, important insights and benefits are created for the Inwido family's companies. Streamlining and reducing waste in production are, for example, areas that are constantly in focus.

    - A proof to us offering solutions that match Inwido's different brand expectations for quality is that complaints are very rare. Together with, for example, Elitfönster, we create premium products that last and thus contribute to the benefit of people and the environment. I believe that our good cooperation is largely based on our common love and pride for the craft in what we create. And when it comes to the future, we will build on joint success and an increased focus on sustainability, says Patrik Johansson, Key Account Manager Wood Coatings EMEA AkzoNobel.