Elitfönster give five times back to the environment

The aim of Elitfönster is to offer climate-smart products that provide greater climate benefit during use than the climate impact caused to manufacture them. In short, to give more than one take.

- We are proud that an Elitfönster on average gives back five times more to the environment in saving carbon dioxide during its lifetime than it costs to produce, including transport, input products and raw materials. In other words, an Elitfönster is a sustainable alternative also from an environmental point of view, says Jonas Hernborg, CEO of Elitfönster.

From an environmental point of view, the ability to retain indoor heat is one of the most important features of a window. This is where Elitfönster can make their biggest and most important contribution to a better environment. But environmental work does not end with the product. Elitfönster think through the entire process from plant, to the factory, home to the customer and finally to recycling. Responsibility for increased sustainability extends to many areas.

Responsible forestry

Wood is a pure natural product that provides climate benefit by storing carbon dioxide. In all Elitfönster there is a frame of wood, more specifically finger jointed, laminated and twig-free pine. Wood from responsible forestry is used, mainly FSC / PEFC-labeled.

Sustainable products

Elitfönster have P-labeled quality products with a long service life and minimal maintenance requirements. This in turn means better indoor comfort and reduced climate impact.



Resource efficient operations

The strategy is to minimize waste and waste. In the event of waste or spillage, this is maximally recycled. For example, factories and premises with wood waste are heated from production and electricity supply comes from wind power.

Carefully selected and reviewed chemicals

High environmental requirements are imposed on chemicals that are allowed in the business, all carefully reviewed and documented to ensure a safer work environment and avoid hazardous substances in products. Effective purification equipment is found in paintings and impregnation plants.

Environmentally efficient transport solutions

Great efforts are being made to streamline transport. Together with the carrier, transport solutions are constantly being developed. The company's pool cars are hybrid cars and charging posts can be found at the plants in Vetlanda and Lenhovda.

Social responsibility

In collaboration with suppliers, a long-term environmentally and socially sustainable business is achieved throughout the value chain. Vendors sign the Code Of Conduct and certify that they sign Elitfönster values ​​and code of conduct. Elitfönster are also actively working to give young people a brighter future, for example via SMMAF's project "Våga Vinna" and Team Rynkeby - The Children's Cancer Foundation.

Elitfönster are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.