Investing in Inwido

We generate long-term and sustainable value for both shareholders and society by leading and developing the strongest companies in the industry. Our overall objective is to grow with profitability and generate good returns.

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Three reasons to invest in Inwido


A strong home for local market leaders
In our industry, consumer insight and customer focus at the local level are key competitive advantages. Based on this knowledge, Inwido has developed into a strong home for local market leaders. We have a solid financial history with stable cash flows and profitability, even in challenging economic conditions, which creates long-term benefits for both investors and companies, as well as societies. Inwido enables long-term, sustainable growth and profitability through economies of scale in purchasing, financing, leadership, technology and sustainability.

Positioned for future growth
There is a continued high demand for products and services that improve people's lives indoors with customized windows, doors and associated services. With deep roots in the industry, we provide homes and workplaces with new, energy-efficient solutions, which in turn make it possible for people to live more sustainably. Our business units are well positioned to act on external trends and new growth opportunities in areas such as e-commerce, sustainability and technology. 

Long-term values for shareholders
Our guiding principle is to create shareholder value through sustainable and profitable growth, organically and through acquisitions. By acquiring and developing the best window and door businesses, we will continuously strengthen our leading position in Europe while improving people's lives indoors, developing employees and generating value for shareholders.

Financial targets

Financial target - Sales growth

Inwido´s objective is to exceed growth in our current markets through organic growth, as well as selective acquisitions and initiatives in Europe.


In 2020, net sales increased by 1 percent, while organic growth amounted to 2 percent. Our assessment is that Inwido had organic growth in the Nordic region that was slightly better than the market as a whole.

Outcome 2020

Financial target - Profitability

Inwido’s profitability target is an operating EBITA margin of 12 percent. Inwido may not achieve the profitability target during years when the market trend is weaker. In such cases, we will undertake measures to further enhance profitability, which we have been successful with in the past.


The operating EBITA margin increased to 10.9 percent (9.7) for the year. Behind the higher margin are above all higher volumes, a more favorable mix and improved efficiency and implemented cost savings.

Outcome 2020

Financial target - Capital structure

Inwido’s net debt in relation to operating EBITDA shall, excluding temporary deviations, not exceed a multiple of 2.5.


Net debt to operating EBITDA decreased to 0.9 times (2.2) excluding IFRS 16. The reduced net debt in relation to operational EBITDA compared with the previous year is explained by an improved operating profit in combination with a successful effort to reduce working capital.

Outcome 2020

Financial target - Dividend

Inwido aims to pay its shareholders an annual dividend that corresponds to approximately 50 percent of net profit. However, Inwido’s financial status in relation to the target, cash flow and future prospects shall be taken into consideration.


In line with the dividend policy, the Board proposes that the dividend for the financial year 2020 be set at SEK 4.50 per share (0).

Outcome 2020
4.5 SEK


Year-end report, January-December 2021
Interim report, January-March 2022
Annual General Meeting 2022
Interim report, January-June 2022
Interim report, January-September 2022

Silent period

Inwido does, in general, not arrange or participate in one-to-one or public meetings with the media, analysts or investors during the period from the 30th calendar day before announcement and ending with the announcement of a financial report. This is the so called silent period.


Peter Welin

CFO and deputy CEO
+46 (0)10 451 45 52

Olof Engvall

Investor & Public Relations Manager
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