Capital Markets Day 2018

Inwido´s Capital Markets Day 2018 was held in Stockholm on 8 November. Representatives from Inwido’s Group Management, including President and CEO Håkan Jeppsson, was present and provided information about the Group’s development, operations and strategy.

8 November 2018 – summary of the information

As previously announced and as part of a new strategy titled “Simplify” Inwido, has decided to introduce a new governance model. The new model will be presented in greater detail today in connection with the company’s Capital Markets Day in Stockholm. In brief, Simplify entails the Group’s work being simplified and streamlined across the board, while our customer focus is enhanced. The governance model entails the individual subsidiaries being assigned full responsibility for their operations and profitability. At the same time, the Group will be divided into two reporting business segments rather than four: Inwido North and Inwido South. To illustrate the background to the change, some of the subsidiaries will be presented in greater detail during the Capital Markets Day. The financial section will focus on the return from the acquisitions made over the past five years, and on indebtedness.

“As we communicated on 28 September, the purpose of the new governance model is, above all, to achieve an even greater focus on customers and profit in all parts of the organization,” says Håkan Jeppsson, President and CEO of Inwido. “This change also means that the current country organizations will also disappear. That makes it logical to further simplify and divide the operations into two reporting segments.”

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