Risk associated with IT systems

Inwido’s capacity to conduct its business efficiently and safely is dependent on Inwido’s IT systems and processes functioning well and without disruption. For example, an incident on financial IT systems can affect Inwido’s ability to report and ensure correct earnings figures. The risks linked to the area of cyber security are increasing, which can also have a significant impact on Inwido’s operations. Data that is not handled correctly risks being shared with unauthorized persons, being lost or altered. In addition, the EU’s data protection regulation (GDPR) sets requirements for the processing of personal data.

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For Inwido to be able to safeguard the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of the operations, Inwido applies a risk-based approach and management system for information security (ISMS), as well as a combination of policies and guidelines based on the requirements in ISO 27001. Programs to check compliance with policies and guidelines and provide practical support for systematic information security work complement mandatory digital learning for awareness of cyber security risks. Inwido conducts continuous improvement work to increase its preparedness to quickly detect and respond to an intrusion. A forum for cybersecurity and personal data processing has been established to share experiences and coordinate the activities necessary to ensure regulatory compliance.