Risk associated with IT systems

Inwido’s ability to effectively and securely manage sales and other businesscritical operations depends on Inwido’s IT systems and processes working well and without interruption. Such systems can be disrupted by, for example, software failures, computer viruses, hacking, sabotage and physical damage. Several different business systems are used within Inwido. Most of these are customized and do not intercommunicate, resulting in a certain degree of task duplication and an increased risk of error in connection with internal sales, for example. Customized business systems can also entail Inwido being dependent on external and internal key competencies and access to external expertise regarding the Group’s business systems being limited.

Body Second

Inwido is gradually working to replace industry-unique and company-specific business systems with more general and shared business systems. Among other things, this is intended to enhance operational and data security, and to reduce vulnerability in access to internal and external systems expertise.