Inwido AB’s Nomination Committee for the 2023 Annual General Meeting


Based on the ownership structure as of August 31, 2022 the largest shareholders in Inwido AB (publ) in terms of voting rights were consulted and expressed their desire to participate in the nomination process. The Nomination Committee has been appointed by Swedbank Robur Fund, the fourth AP Fund and the Lannebo Fund. Each has appointed a representative, as detailed below, who, together with Per Bertland, the chairman of the board, constitute Inwido´s Nomination Committee.

Members of the Nomination Committee:

  • Bo Lundgren, Swedbank Robur Fund (Chairman of the Nomination Committee)
  • Thomas Wuolikainen, Fourth AP Fund
  • Charlotta Faxén, Lannebo Fund

The Nomination Committee will prepare proposals for the AGM in 2023, including proposals for the Chairman of the AGM, Board members, Chairman of the Board, remuneration for Board members, fees to the auditors, and to the extent deemed necessary, the tasks and composition of the Nomination Committee for the AGM in 2023.

The 2023 Annual General Meeting in Inwido will be held in Malmö on May 4, 2023.

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may send these by e-mail to no later than two months prior to the meeting.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Welin, CFO and deputy CEO
Phone: 46(0)70-324 3190,