Inwido reduced carbon dioxide emissions by seven percent in 2020 and launched a net zero CO\2\ ambition by 2050

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When Inwido closes the books on the Group´s sustainability work in 2020, it is done with both reduced carbon dioxide emissions and an increased focus on sustainability. Along with the launch of Inwido's climate ambition 2030/2050, the Group's progress within the areas of environment, workplaces and society is summarized below.

Inwido's sustainability work is based on the ambition “To give more than we take”, which guides the Group's business units in the pursuit of a more sustainable world. The work is divided into three areas that govern both measurement and follow-up as well as the development of efforts going forward and they are: be an environmental friend, be a good place to work and be a responsible business.

Inwido's sustainability commitment within the areas of environment, workplaces and communities was accelerated in 2020, which was manifested in a positive development of the Group's key KPIs. Inwido has developed ambitious KPIs and measures these regularly in the group's 28 business units and for the Group as a whole. In 2020, seven of eight KPIs had a positive development, the exception was a slightly increased sick leave, due to covid-19. (See Inwido's 8 KPIs in PDF).

- Inwido's biggest contribution to society's climate transition is to deliver modern and energy-efficient windows and doors. This is how we individually make the biggest impact. Since approximately 40 percent* of the EU's total energy consumption come from buildings, we have an important role to play in energy efficiency. At the same time, we must continuously increase our internal efficiency and act responsibly with the earth's resources. We take this very seriously and are therefore pleased with the positive development during 2020, says Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido.

To further increase the focus on sustainability, Inwido in 2020 decided on a long-term climate ambition.

- As Europe's leading window group, we must care for and contribute to the climate, good workplaces and communities. Therefore, it was important to launch a clear sustainability ambition. We are now working to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2050. In 2020, we managed to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions per unit by over seven percent, while Inwido reached record sales. It is the result of a purposeful sustainability work in our business units and inspiring for the future, says Lena Wessner, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Organization & Sustainability.

*European Commission, the Energy performance of Buildings Directive

Inwido's 8 KPIs (See PDF for KPI graphs)

Inwido has established a number of key KPIs to evaluate the progress of sustainability work. The development of the indicators presents what progress is being made and what should be prioritized in the continued sustainability work. For an in-depth explanation, see and Inwido's Annual Report 2020, which will be published in early April 2021.

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