"Aluminum and wood create durable windows"

Aluminum clad wooden windows combine the best of both worlds. Sustainable and easy to maintain are winning concepts when it comes to windows that withstand the forces of the weather, for a long time. After several decades of collaboration with Hydro, Inwido's company is at the forefront when it comes to marriage between wood and aluminum. And now pioneering steps are being taken towards the production of recycled aluminum, with major environmental benefits.

A constant flow of steaming hot aluminum

Smoky hot and with endless possibilities for smart shapes. Because when aluminum go into one side of the melting hot extrusion process, extruded lengths come out of the other end, ready for cutting and finishing. The ability of aluminum to be formed in combination with its strength and lightness makes the material universally useful. For example, as light but strong weather protection on wooden windows. And unlike steel, aluminum can be reused indefinitely without losing its properties. Something Hydro is investing heavily in.

- It is true that aluminum production requires a lot of energy, which is why we are now investing to increase recycling. By transforming, for example, painted aluminum scrap into completely new aluminum, with minimal emissions, we are taking big steps forward in contributing to even more sustainable windows for the Inwido group. We as market leaders are expected to take that responsibility, says Henrik Stark.

Ever since aluminum-clad wooden windows were launched by Elitefönster in the 80's, the window type has gained in popularity. Today's collaboration between Hydro (formerly Sapa) and Inwidogruppen's company started already during the years of Myresjöfönster. And the cooperation has always been close. Hydro's production facility in Småland, from where the unpainted profiles are delivered, is located directly across the street from Elitfönster's large window factory in Vetlanda.

- We have worked closely with Elitfönster since the 80s and today we supply Inwido's companies in Sweden, Norway and Poland with aluminum profiles. Together with, for example, Elitfönster's product specialists, leading products, efficient logistics flows and currently pioneering progress in sustainability are being developed, says Henrik Stark, Sales Director Hydro Extruded Solutions.

A collaboration with the potential to grow

With its team of specialists in aluminum and its applications for wood, spacing, screw and snap solutions, Hydro is at arm's distance from Inwidos companies. In addition to being specialists in the products, Hydro also invests in offering leading flexibility in logistics and delivery. A wide flora of profiles must always be available so that Inwido's companies can produce the right windows at the right time. Short lead times and flexibility are key words.

- Close and a trust based dialogue are key words in the collaboration and one's success is a breeding ground for the other's progress. It is the platform for jointly developing an entire industry and creating products that win the trust of customers, today and far into the future. So sustainability, in several dimensions, is the key to us being able to continue to grow our collaboration together, both in Sweden and abroad, concludes Henrik Stark, Sales Director Hydro Extruded Solutions.