The environmental aspect is involved in all decisions

Jens Sörensen – MD Outline

Why is sustainability important to you?

Personally, I want to pass on a sustainable world to my children and their children. If we all contribute and strive for increased sustainability, we can hand over the planet in as good a condition as possible for future generations. That means I have to think about sustainability both privately and in my professional work.

How has Outline contributed to increased sustainability in 2021?

- In several areas! During the year, we launched 100% renewable electricity in our business and worked in a structured way to reduce waste and waste in production. But the biggest effort for increased energy management is our products. Every time our new windows replace older windows, energy consumption is reduced and in 2021 another big step was taken in the building regulations that increase energy efficiency. In Denmark, we have now implemented the BR18 building regulations, which means that triple-glazed windows replace double-glazed windows, all to reduce energy use in homes and properties. In social sustainability, our "factory in the factory", Outline Plus, has continued to help people return to the labor market, after a long-term illness, for example.

Will your sustainability investments increase and how?

- Of course increase! In everything we do, regardless of whether it is new investments or the development of new products, the environmental aspect is included in the decisions. We will give more than we take and inspire both employees and customers to do the same. We've learned a lot of the Covid pandemic and today, for example, video meetings replace many trips and with an internal focus on sustainability, new calculation models and close collaborations with suppliers, we are gradually increasing the ambition and results of our sustainability efforts. For the present and the future.