This is how Pihla invests in employees and leadership

In Finland Pihla Oy is one of Inwido's largest companies. The window company works systematically to provide an increasingly better workplace for its 600 employees. With a special focus on committed employees and a new leadership program, Pihla is now raising its ambitions. A venture that gives employees greater power to influence the workplace and their personal development.

- Creating an attractive workplace is the result of ALL employees' efforts! Of course, corporate management has the task of investing resources and knowledge in HOW we want to develop the work environment, but it is only through personal commitment that we can succeed, says Marko Kohvakka, HR Director at Pihla.

With a total of about 600 employees, of which 350 work in two factories, it is a big task to develop day-to-day workforce management and leadership. In addition to hygiene factors such as safe workplaces, modern support systems, opportunities for education and advancement, wellness and good conditions, Pihla now raises the level of ambition. In 2020, the effort to bring more and more power and influence to the employees will be strengthened.

- We want to create an "entrepreneurial spirit" in the company with increased personal mandate and opportunities to influence their workplace. For all! A venture in line with Simplify's message of decentralizing mandates. From experience we learn that when we get people to develop and develop themselves, we feel better and perform better. In everyday life, this is very much about leaders being present, curious and good at feedback and encouragement, says Marko, adding: Delegating upwards is easy, delegating downwards is more difficult but a recipe for being a “great place to work”, notes Marko.

Opportunities for influencing

With Pihla's investment in “Lean Groups”, employees are encouraged and stimulated to present improvement proposals and development initiatives at their workplace. Some ideas, such as production, environmental or safety improvements, can be realized immediately. Others need more time and resources.

- It is important to be responsive to new ideas and to listen to the employees who best understand how, for example, production is to be developed. It is hardly surprising to say that satisfied employees contribute to a sustainably better business result, which is why we would be immediately stupid if we did not listen carefully to the ideas of our employees, says Marko.

In Pihla's mentoring program, committed employees can get their own mentor to grow as an employee and over time grow into a leadership role.

The little extra… for the big difference

Low sick leave rates and a “vision zero” for incidents and accidents is a platform on which Pihla's employees develop as employees and as fellow human beings. In Pihla's factories, joint activities and team building are regularly arranged, which are also about life outside of work. Family members and children are invited to the workplace and every year, employees can contribute with community activities, for example in schools and in elderly care.

- Since we are an integrated part of society, we should also give back to the families and social functions that we depend directly or indirectly on. It strengthens our internal pride and we become strong ambassadors for our company, which is not least important for continuing to recruit dedicated employees in the future, concludes Marko Kohvakka, HR Director at Pihla.