"I am fascinated by the products we can produce within Inwido"

Meet Mads, who in April 2022 is making a comeback as SVP Scandinavia.

Mads Storgaard Mehlsen welcome back to Inwido. You have previously been MD of Inwido Denmark and responsible for emerging business in Europe until 2018. Now in April you are SVP for Scandinavia. What attracted you to this new role?
“Even though I have been away from Inwido since 2018, I have followed Inwido's development from the sidelines over the years and it has been a very impressive journey to follow. When Inwido created a new structure with four business areas, an opportunity opened to return as EVP for Scandinavia and become part of Inwido's profitable growth journey. With responsibility for both the Danish market, which I know well, and Sweden and Norway, which are new markets for me, it was a very attractive and exciting opportunity.”

You are from Denmark. Now you also get responsibility for Sweden and Norway. What are the differences and similarities between the three countries?
“The big similarities are not surprising in our products and customer groups. Although on the surface they may seem like there are differences between the markets, the similarities are more. But that does not mean that we can transfer products between countries also the approach to customers can differ. The biggest differences are that the business and corporate cultures, because even though we are Scandinavians, we are more influenced by the culture of our countries. We must understand that, but also take advantage of it. For the local anchoring culturally is a great strength for Inwido and part of our Simplify model.”

What attracts you to the window and door industry?
“A really good question. I have been in the business since 2007 I simply like the smell of wood. I am really fascinated by the products we can produce within Inwido and our focus on finding the optimal solution for our customers, which is a significant strength for us in the market. This, together with the opportunity to work together with committed and ambitious colleagues, is an essential factor in me being in the window and door industry.”

What do you do in your spare time?
“A large part of my free time is spent with my family on our farm, where my wife and daughter share their great passion for horses. I like to work practically with tools and create with my hands. Then I have a great need to be active and combine it with a great interest in moving my boundaries. It includes triathlon, biking in the mountains, cross-country skiing or just an old boys football match.