The key to successfully recruiting the most talented people

Recruiting highly educated employees was previously a challenge for Inwido’s Danish subsidiary Outline Vinduer. However, by offering a two-year trainee programme, Outline has found the key to successfully recruiting graduates. Today, the company has a number of highly-qualified trainees who have entered the business directly after graduating from Aalborg University in particular.

To further increase its skills level, the company needs people who are highly educated in, for example, finance, marketing and purchasing. The basic notion is that the people admitted to the trainee programme join us directly from university.

“The purpose of hiring new graduates is to continuously raise our skills level,” says Jens Sørensen, Managing Director of Outline. “We already have skilled employees and good systems in production, but we also need highly educated people who are innovative and can develop the business. It has previously been difficult to attract academics from our own municipality of Vesthimmerland, but thanks to the trainee programme, we can now offer an attractive career path and exciting professional challenges.”

Your dream job need not be in the big city

Thirty-year-old Stefán Ásgeirsson from Aalborg, who holds a master’s degree in Financial administration from Aalborg University, is an example of a successful recruitment. He has just completed Outline’s two-year trainee programme and gained permanent employment as a business developer.

“Outline’s trainee programme opened fantastic opportunities and challenges for me,” says Stefán. “It would have been difficult for me to find a similar dream job in any of Denmark’s larger cities where the competition for jobs is considerably greater. Here at Outline, I have been able to work with what I really enjoy most, namely business development in a corporate culture with a positive view on change. That means it doesn’t matter that I have to commute an hour every day to Farsø from my home in Aalborg.”

According to Jens Sørensen, it is precisely highly-educated, talented people like Stefán who can raise the bar, ensuring that Outline continues to develop into a modern, efficient and digital industrial company.

During his trainee period, Stefán worked with everything from advanced analysis and data processing to reporting and process optimization. Throughout the trainee period, a key source of support derives from close collaboration with a senior supervisor from Outline, helping the participant understand the business and develop, both as an individual and as an employee.

Innovation that benefits customers

For Outline, the trainee programme has meant skilled employees being brought in with new perspectives on how to develop the business. This applies in particular to the IT environment, where new digital solutions have improved both production and the offering to customers.

“We have created new digital solutions that ease the work of our customers,” says Jens Sørensen. “Our fast delivery of windows and doors within four working days and the Outline 24/7 ordering concept – through which customers can order our products around the clock – are examples of successful initiatives. The recruitment of graduates with extensive knowledge in digitization, for example, has been a very important part in enabling these solutions and other improvements in our day-to-day operations.”

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The key to successfully recruiting the most talented people

Recruiting highly educated employees was previously a challenge for Inwido’s Danish subsidiary Outline Vinduer. However, by offering a…

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