Lena in interview about ambitions in leadership and employmentship

Meet Lena - Executive Vice President Human Resources, Organization & Sustainability. Interview about Inwido´s ambitions in leadership and employmentship

Inwido's business units operate in a changing world. Digitization, new design trends and energy efficiency improvements are constantly affecting employees' everyday lives. Succeeding in recruiting, developing and retaining committed leaders and employees is therefore a significant competitive factor for the Inwido Group.

In the interview below with Lena Wessner, you get to know more about the investments in leadership issues

Why are leadership issues so important to Inwido?

- Good leadership is an important success factor for all businesses and the biggest difference between fantastic companies and downright bad ones. Protecting and developing human capital has a direct connection to companies' success and potential. That is why we work purposefully to develop our leadership and to create the conditions for even better employeeship.

How does Inwido support its companies in HR development?

- From the Group, we work strategically with processes and guidance, from recruitment and introduction to employee surveys, development initiatives and closures. The ambition is for the Inwido companies to build attractive employer brands with strong corporate cultures and committed employees.

What do you think characterizes a good workplace?

- Commitment, job satisfaction, meaningfulness, great opportunities for personal development and open communication and inclusion. These are some ingredients in a strong and sustainable work environment where people grow while developing the company and making a difference for their customers.