Meet Juljia Adomavienė, the MD of WinBas in Lithuania

I am a person who sees oportunities in challenges! I have a passion for wood, nature and travelling and I am a wife, mother of three kids and since 11 years I am the MD of WinBas. I also have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering and Executive Master of Management.

What is WinBas all about?

Since 2002 WinBas provides engineering support for companies producing windows and doors in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, Estonia and Poland. That is product quotes for customers, 2D CAD drawings for sales and production, production planning and 3D modeling to support R&D, BIM object for Architects. We make over 1 000 quotes per day and a big part is delivered to customers within three hours.

In 2020, Corona turned the world upside down – how has it affected your life in Lithuania?

The Pandemic brought many changes. Three months of quarantine and remote work from home was challenging. It was the first time for us, since we had no remote-work-experience. However, employees were quick and flexible to change work routines from office to home and many of them found it very positive – less time spent in traffic jams, more time with family, etc. Anything is possible when everybody is involved and cares about the company. We successfully overcame the first wave together and became an even stronger team.