One tool for better health and increased safety

Health & Safety Alerts is the tool that Inwido uses to effectively warn of, prevent and address incidents in the workplace. It is an easy-to-use communication tool used throughout the Inwido Group. At our subsidiary CWG Choices in the UK, it has brought improved working conditions, reduced the number of workplace accidents and improved how incidents are addressed.

The introduction of Health & Safety Alerts throughout the Inwido Group in 2016 has also placed health and safety issues higher on the agenda. We take these issues very seriously and the tool increases our awareness, providing a clear overview of the status of the working environment.

User friendly and efficient

Health & Safety Alerts is easy to use. When an accident or incident has occurred, a digital form is filled in and then distributed to Inwido’s subsidiaries.

“This makes it possible to share information and provide concrete examples of what measures have been taken,” says Scott Wollaston, Health and Safety Coordinator at CWG Choices UK. “This leads to improved work processes to prevent accidents and improve the working environment.” 

Scott also believes that Health & Safety Alerts is a clear example of how Inwido truly takes health and safety aspects very seriously. Quite simply because there is considerable commitment to continuously improving working conditions throughout the Group.

Invaluable data for working proactively

Thanks to Health & Safety Alerts, Inwido can continuously build its bank of knowledge in the areas of health and safety. It provides opportunities to present solutions and measures that no one has thought of previously.

“I am deeply impressed by how such a simple tool as Health & Safety Alerts can make such a big difference when it comes to identifying and conceiving solutions that improve working conditions,” says Scott Wollaston. “By sharing information, we can identify causes efficiently and design measures and recommendations to prevent accidents from recurring. All of which is to ensure that employees have a safer and healthier workplace.”


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