Why Lasse sold Bøjsø døre og vinduer to Inwido

200 years old Siberian larch wood paired with a craftsmanship expertise beyond the ordinary. That is the essence of Bøjsø døre og vinduer A/S. Since 1972, they have had the honor to supply windows to, among others, the Royal Palace of Amalienborg and Denmark's finest villas. On May 18, 2017, the founding family and the owners chose to sell Bøjsø to Inwido. To secure its future.

- It really teed off with a simple cup of coffee with Inwido. After my father's start of the company and the transfer to me as owner and CEO in 2010, the marriage with Inwido felt like a perfect match, says Lasse Sørensen, who is still CEO of Bøjsø døre og vinduer A/S.

At Bøjsø's factory in Vorbasse in Jutland, windows and doors are manufactured for unique needs. They make products nobody else does and for a niche market in Denmark. Built on 200 years of Siberian larch, exclusive fittings and a very special design for historic buildings, Bøjsø stands out in the Inwido family. And speaking of family. When the company was sold to Inwido, it was a second-generation family business, in which founder Bøje's son Lasse was trained and in 2010 took over the business. With a lifelong relationship with the company, he has experienced joys and challenges. During the financial crisis, the idea of ​​selling the business was born in order to secure the company's future and, above all, to continue its development.

- When the financial crisis hit in 2008, we had a challenging period and had to make tough decisions to secure operations. We did well but it was still a true challenge. Actually, we had not actively intended to sell the company, but when Inwido invited us for a cup of coffee, the ball was put in the rolling, says Lasse.

So what made you and your partner complete the sale?

- In addition to being paid the correct value of the company, my driving force was the company's stronger opportunities to develop further, with a large and knowledgeable owner backing up. Personally, I had for a time longed for a sparring partner and was attracted by both personal development and being part of a larger group, while maintaining our freedom and mandate to run the business. The sales process itself was efficient and Inwido created a feeling of security for both us as a seller and our staff, says Lasse.

Continued growth and development

During the three years that Inwido has owned the company since the takeover in 2017, the business has grown in sales, staff and earnings. Today, Lasse gets support and development in the day-to-day management of the company. In addition, Lasse has access to the large group's overall purchasing power, strategy focus and knowledge sharing. Important investments in both real estate and machinery have been made, and Lasse feels that Bøjsø døre og vinduer A/S is now stronger than ever before.

- Selling our family business was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of my life, but my expectations have been met at all levels. Inwido has been truly honest in its strategy of decentralizing operations and allowing us to run and develop the company, while at the same time being ready with resources and support when needed. It has been an exciting journey and I look forward to develop the company together with my 45 colleagues, concludes Lasse Sørensen.