"Windows are my life - I have never done anything else"

Full focus on the local craftsman! It is ERA Fönster's unique position in the Swedish window market and the "window veteran" Dennis Ottosson's daily passion. For almost 40 years, he has worked with windows, assembled thousands himself and been a long time entrepreneur in window renovations to tenant-owner associations. Since 2019, he is the MD of ERA Fönster.

What's unique about ERA Fönster?

We are the only supplier to craftsmen in Sweden with a TOTAL package. We deliver windows with custom brands, packed and ready with everything you need. We help them get customers, manage their marketing and are "one" with our customers. Of course we also have very nice windows of the highest quality.

Why is it important to have energy-efficient windows?

Compared to windows in the seventies, our modern windows today are up to three times as energy efficient, so we facilitate fantastic energy efficiency in the exchange market. In addition, we train our installers so that they create optimal energy gains with each installation.

How will windows develop in ten years?

Energy efficiency will increase even more. More energy thinking boom as integrated solar collectors are launched and more "service-oriented" solutions appear. Windows is not just a product but comes with value adding services. The future is fantastic.