"Wood is the building material of the future"

For twenty years, Stora Enso has been one of the Inwido Group's largest suppliers of finger-jointed wood components. A material that forms the backbone of energy-efficient and modern windows and doors. Here Pekka Södervall from Stora Enso explains why wood is one of our most important building materials, today and in the future.

Wood and innovation for sustainable windows and doors

With a strong Nordic tradition in wood windows and leading energy efficiency, Inwido's companies live in symbiosis with Stora Enso to jointly consolidate and strengthen the wood's future in sustainable construction. At the same time as energy requirements are being increased, customers want larger windows and unique doors with a long service life. A challenge that Stora Enso and the Inwido companies face together.

- We have always worked in close symbiosis with the companies' development and product departments and always have innovation in focus. Whether it is about production efficiency, quality, value engineering or new product innovations. Today, for example, we are working on creating materials from biocomposites, in which wood fibers can replace plastic and metal to contribute to a more fossil-free society. Without a doubt, wood has a fantastic potential in more and more contexts, says Pekka.

- Wood has been a fantastic building material since ancient times and has received an upswing in line with increased sustainability requirements. Today it is possible to create constructions and windows you never thought possible, with a raw material that is completely renewable. That it is an organic, easy to shape, strong, beautiful and durable material makes it versatile. For example, combining wood with aluminum in windows and creating new composite materials based on wood fiber ensures the wood's position in the future, says Pekka Södervall, Head of Business Line Industrial Components at Stora Enso.

Stora Enso provides Inwido's Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian companies with environmentally certified, 100-year-old pine. Depending on local market requirements, the deliveries are adapted to meet the production conditions. As different as windows and doors are in different markets, deliveries are just as tailor-made. But one thing is always the same. It is about 100 percent environmentally certified wood from sustainable forestry, certified according to PEFC or FSC.

Sustainable cooperation for the future

And when it comes to the actual cooperation with Inwido and Inwido's companies, it's about standing side by side with each other according to Pekka.

- After twenty years of cooperation, we understand each other's challenges and opportunities well. We grow together, depend on each other as in all good marriages and create common success. To continue to create fantastic windows and doors and to prove the indisputable place of the wood in the future construction, we have as a common goal, concludes Pekka Södervall.

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